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April 7, 2012 Support Face to face

  • 10:00 - 11:00 am - new people/greettings and gpg signing
  • 11:00 - 12:00 pm - Planning/process to organize the support team
  • 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Web apps development session. discussion of goals of MF/PL webmail Upgrade Horde to latest version, experiment with RoundCube, explore making free web analystics program use-able by MFPL in a shared environment.

F2F Tickets

Ticket Resolution Summary Owner Reporter
#675 hard-error messages in the members' control panel should refer to specific and reference-able event id Jamie McClelland Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#1073 wontfix upgrade limesurvey to 2.00+ Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#1608 May First/People Link control panel should allow for automatic installation of WordPress Ross Jamie McClelland
#3188 wontfix Big Blue Button Jamie McClelland takethestreets
#4019 MF/PL URL shortener Jamie McClelland Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#4938 fixed replace paley with cereal installation Jamie McClelland Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#5745 Future of interactivist servers Nat Meysenburg Ross
#5982 worksforme routing problem related to MTU and fragmented packets Jamie McClelland Jamie McClelland
#6131 fixed roundcube upgrade to 0.8.1 Daniel Kahn Gillmor Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#6173 fixed Transfer all Telehouse Servers from 25 Broadway to Chelsea location Jamie McClelland Jamie McClelland
#6324 Create MFPL specific ikiwiki auto setup scripts to work with hosting order file structure Nat Meysenburg Nat Meysenburg
#6422 fixed Bring Sunset Park back up Jamie McClelland Nat Meysenburg
#6424 cabinet camera review Nat Meysenburg Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#6461 Offering encrypted mailing lists Daniel Kahn Gillmor Mallory Knodel
#6489 fixed increase RAM for vilma Joseph Jamie McClelland
#6598 installing a radio automation software on MFPL Enrique Rosas Enrique Rosas
#6706 move email users from mx1 to gaspar Jamie McClelland Jamie McClelland
#6765 fixed Video page for USSF2010 Ross Stephen Mahood
#6770 fixed redesign the red/control panel user interface Drew Hornbein Jamie McClelland
#6796 fixed Enable Headers and Expires Apache modules on MOSH's Joseph Joseph
#6812 fixed service advisory relayed to mailman list loses formatting Jamie McClelland Jamie McClelland
#6850 wontfix Graphs on Wiki Dana Dana
#6855 fixed roundcube needs an upgrade to 0.8.5 Jamie McClelland Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#6859 fixed Trac dropdown Menus Dana Dana
#6882 duplicate Explore use of GroupServer for Lists Dana
#7046 fixed convert MF/PL svn repository to git repo(s) Jamie McClelland Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#7057 fixed debian version of your shared servers Daniel Kahn Gillmor jean-bernard.xxxxx@…
#7060 "wow that's great" ticket type or other kudos feedback channels Patrick Gibbs
#7095 fixed Re-purpose and Ross Steve Revilak
#7179 fixed Finalize install of Jamie McClelland Ross
#7184 fixed calc.mfo and live.mfo need init scripts Ross Ross
#7304 wontfix Freeswitch integration with (xmpp) Stephen Mahood Stephen Mahood
#7312 worksforme development site Stephen Mahood Stephen Mahood
#7367 ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf should be created by puppet Ross Ross
#7369 re-think and systematize our approach to identity certifiers Jamie McClelland Ross
#7770 fixed upgrade jojobe to wheezy Daniel Kahn Gillmor Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#7865 wheezy kvm hosts should probably list vhost-net in /etc/modules Ross Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#7866 fixed upgrade clr to wheezy Daniel Kahn Gillmor Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#7867 fixed triage peers for Daniel Kahn Gillmor Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#7877 fixed upgrade moses to wheezy Daniel Kahn Gillmor Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#7922 fixed installing TileStream? Ross Tim Stallmann
#7963 gpg defaults should be more sensible Greg Lyle Daniel Kahn Gillmor
#7997 Freeswitch dev site Stephen Mahood Stephen Mahood
#7998 actualizar la página hosting (alojamiento) y luego traducirla En>Es Stephen Mahood Enrique Rosas
#8091 fixed Server Upgrade Ross Emily Paul
#8104 fixed Please move my site to old server before upgrades Ross Jacks McNamara
#8131 Multilingual Video support in mexcla Jamie McClelland Stephen Mahood
#8134 New Service Idea Zotero Bibliography syncing Stephen Mahood Stephen Mahood
#8137 mute and hide buttons not working Ross Patrick Gibbs
#8167 fixed cero dependency issues with horde Jamie McClelland Ross
#8232 fixed transfer and to hashmi prior to malcolm upgrade Doug McCabe Doug McCabe
#8278 RFC: Drupal vs WordPress - Pro/Con Considerations Dana HistoriCUSS
#8335 May First warrant canary abi Brandon Jardine
#8373 Shared Styles across domains Drew Hornbein Dana
#8462 wontfix Upgrade our Big Blue Button Instance Stephen Mahood Stephen Mahood
#8514 edit page to make support team sessions more inclusive Jamie McClelland Mallory Knodel
#8554 fixed Server upgrade issue Ross byoshikami@…
#8555 fixed Unable to upgrade web site before 3-1-14. Request to move site. Ross Jean Tanler
#8570 fixed planned upgrade Ross Bill Koehnlein
#9631 fixed Gnusocial needs Stephen Mahood Stephen Mahood
#9761 fixed use HTTPS for CC license links in footer Daniel Kahn Gillmor jeremyb
#9762 doesn't specify a license Jamie McClelland jeremyb
#9796 support some kind of redirects on the trac wiki (either client-side or server-side) Ross jeremyb
#9797 worksforme support for TracSyntaxColoring Ross jeremyb
#9854 ticketing system change? Ross Hilary Goldstein
#9864 wontfix Should we offer a VPN as a service to members? Stephen Mahood Stephen Mahood
#10124 proposing that we install npm on shared servers Stephen Mahood James Sheldon

Web Apps





  • do we want to offer this in a team-supported way? we seem to have a lot of installations.
  • do we want to audit member-maintained installations?