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Support Coverage

Support Team page

Regular coverage

Ross has been hired to manage the support queue on a daily basis. He is currently evaluating the support_team_participants to determine who can participate and in what capacity.

Special Coverage for 2012

November Team Member
25 Jamie
29 Jamie

December Team Member
02 Jamie
03 - Enrique
04 gdl
05 gdl

What does covering a day mean?

Coverage means:

  • being present on in the #mayfirst channel to discuss issues that come up
  • monitoring the support queue (four hour response time during regular working hours, minimally checking between 11 am and noon and 5 pm and 6 pm America/New_York)
  • evaluating tickets and responding to tickets - see the support-response-tips page.
    • If you know the answer or part of the answer, respond to the ticket
    • Non-urgent and you don't know the answer: assign to another support team member who you think knows the answer and tell them we are working on it
    • Urgent and you don't know the answer: contact other people helping out via IRC

You can monitor the support queue in several ways:

  • Bookmark the timeline link. This page will show all tickets in chronological order
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed of the page (see the RSS link at the bottom of the page)