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Contacting our service Providers

When contacting a service provider, please cc:


Bandwidth is provided by Hurricane Electric

  • Email:
  • Phone: 510 580-4100
  • Our CE number: XXXXX

Telehouse provides our cabinet and for no extra cost will dispatch a technician to restart a server

  • Email:
  • Phone: 718-355-2525
  • Only certain members of the support team (identified by name and email) are allowed to submit requests. Call to request help. The technician will call you back when they are at the cabinet.


Bandcon was acquired by Highwinds.

Highwinds provides upstream bandwidth and facility (they sub-lease the facility through XO)

Jamie, dkg, and Micah are the only three people with physical access to the servers.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-866-872-0357.
Our circuit ID: BNDIP-500372-NYC1-001
Customer Id: 500372
NOC Passcoce: is in keyringer

Web Architects is hosted with Web Architects.

Contact them via / HostMySite is a physical server hosted by

Support-team folks who need to contact this colo regarding chun might also want to use's support/control panel.

According to's online documentation, reverse DNS is managed via e-mail to

The user/password is stored in keyringer

The Lair/Cablevision

Provides Internet access our dedicated connection in the lair for offsite backup

Account number: 07836-126128-1 (unconfirmed)



geexblox provides two different virtual machines (fela and femi) with dedicated, un-metered 50mbs connections.


Login info is in keyringer

+1 805.551.9220

Notes on configuring_a_geekblox_server?