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Author Notification for SMO re-licensing

Below is a proposed notification to send to wiki authors related to the licensing changes for this web site:

Dear Friends and Family of MF/PL:

All wiki content contributed to is owned collectively by its authors, about 50 of us all together. Recently, the core support team of MF/PL has discussed the political impact of licensing this content differently -- making it more open by dropping the Non-commercial clause. When the site was created, we initially used a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike[0] license. As of August 2011, we're preparing to drop the Non-Commercial clause for new contributions to this web site[1].

Our hope is to track down and get consent from all of our contributing authors so that we can change the site's documentation to indicate that all wiki content (past and present) is CC-BY-SA. If you're OK with re-licensing your old contributions, put an "OK" next to your OpenID here:

If you would like to voice objections, please respond as soon as you can -- within a week or so -- since this process is already underway.