Author Notification for SMO re-licensing

Below is a proposed notification to send to wiki authors related to the licensing changes for this web site:

Subject: Relicensing contributions on 

You are receiving this message because you have contributed to using your OpenID "%s"

We appreciate your edits to the wiki and your use of the public
ticketing system!  This is a notice about an upcoming licensing change
and a request for help re-licensing old content.


Each wiki edit contributed to is owned by its
author individually, but is licensed under a common license that
enables and encourages re-use of the entire web site.  Recently, the
core support team of MF/PL has discussed the political impact of
licensing this content differently -- making it more free by dropping
the Non-commercial clause.

When the site was created, we initially used a Creative Commons
Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike[0] license (CC-BY-NC-SA).  As
of September 2011, we are preparing to drop the Non-Commercial clause
for new contributions to this web site[1], making new contributions
just Attribution Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA).

Our hope is to track down and get consent from all of our contributing
authors so that we can change the site to indicate that all wiki
content (past and present) is CC-BY-SA.  But we need past contributors
to agree to this relicensing for it to happen.

What you can do

If you are OK with re-licensing your old contributions, just put an
"OK" next to your OpenID (%s) here:

Re-licensing your old contributions is your choice, of course; if you
prefer to keep the -NC- clause on the old content, that is your
decision.  If you are not sure, or if you have major concerns, we
would be happy to discuss it with you; just reply to this e-mail for
private discussion, or come chat with us on IRC [2].

If you think there are serious problems with adopting CC-BY-SA for
future contributions, please let us know as soon as you can, since
this process is already underway.


    -- your fellow MF/PL member dkg, on behalf of
       the MF/PL support team


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