Reasons to join May First/People Link

Your Internet work is vitally important to you and any responsible person or organization should think before moving services. That's why we're offering some reasons why we think it's critically important that you join May First/People Link right now.

1 - The Internet is Us

More that just a technology, the Internet is a massive network of people using computers to communicate with each other. It changes in size and character every second of the day as people log on and off and do what they log on to do. And it has a culture, a history and a vitally important future.

That culture is based on freedom of communication: a place where everyone with an opinion or a story can express it.

The history is one of collaboration where every major function of the Internet is driven by software that is free, developed by large groups of volunteers working together and maintained by teams of skilled volunteers, most of whom have never met personally.

And the future is one of social change. The Internet has already played a critical role in combatting disinformation, expressing new ideas, delivering truth and bringing committed people together. It is among the the progressive movement's most potent communications tools.

In short, it's ours and we should be using and developing it to the fullest. That's why we're building May First/People Link.

2 - We Need To Protect It

Many commercial providers and corporate interests don't want the Internet to belong to everyone. For them, the Internet is a way of selling your products and services and that vision dictates their approach to your use of the Internet and the development of its technology.

Our movement has to resist the attempts by corporate interests to block political email in the name "fighting spam," prioritize commercial traffic over non-commercial traffic, exploit labor and market its production as “software” and otherwise limit the use of the Internet as a tool for distributing information vital for our movements for social justice.

But more than that, we have to develop the Internet in ways that empower us to use it and develop our use of it: to develop technologies, approaches to service and tools that enhance our movements' communications and organizing.

It's time to join together to protect the Internet back from those who would misdirect, restrict and control its use.

We think one way to do that is through May First/People Link.

3 - We're part of the same movement.

Although we think the quality of our services and staff rival those of any commercial provider, May First/People Link is not a company or a traditional Internet service provider and you are not "potential clients or customers."

We're a progressive organization made up of activists and organizations who use the Internet. We're structured that way, we work that way and we plan our work that way.

We also understand that your Internet work is political work. Your use of your website, email and other tools is, effectively, as viable politically as all the other work you do.

And that's why we are actively advocate the use of the Internet by our movement and are committed to building a vital communications system for it. As the right learned years ago, we will never succeed without creating our own infrastructure.

May First/People Link and you are part of the same movement.

4 - You take control

Everything we do empowers the user: you are in control of your website, your email, your mailing lists and whatever on-line tools you need. Our role is to develop these tools, give you space to use them and provide support and help when you need us.

We are also doing is working with coalitions, organizations and activists nationwide to think about what kinds of Internet tools we need to move forward as a movement and to develop and implement them.

5 - We offer outstanding quality

Maybe the best argument we can make for joining May First/People Link is the provider you're currently using.

Take a moment to compare what you currently have with what our members have. We think you'll find that:

Our membership packages give members more technological power, more options and more tools than anyone else in this industry.

Our technical support is superior because it's done by our members: available when you need it, worked on by people who know what they're talking about and actually experience it every day.

Our equipment and technology is as good as any around: stable, powerful, reliable equipment and connections and all data backed up to remote servers every day.

We prioritize involvement, democracy and complete transparency in everything we do.

Think about it! Is THAT what you're now getting?

6 - We understand the importance of security

For progressive activists, security is a very real and often critical need. As activists, we know how important security is and we prioritize thinking about it and implementing security measures that will protect every member's data, identity and access. We believe that our approach to security and access is among the most thorough on the Internet and some the measures we take are unique.

7 - Reinvest in The Movement

You're probably already on the Internet with a service provider. So here's a question for you:

Say there's another "provider" that can give you service, fees, and support equal to if not better than the quality you get from your current provider. And say that this other "provider" not only shares your commitment and goals but actually works with you to further your work. Finally, say that this other "provider" is building the kind of Internet organization you want to see and it needs your support to continue doing that.

Which would you choose?

Because THAT is the choice.

8 - We need you

So...what is your political responsibility toward the Internet? Most people don't think they have one: they see the Internet as nothing more than a kind of utility. But if what we said above is true, that's obviously not the case. In fact, your relationship to and involvement in the Internet is as important a political choice as any you make.

No progressive, no matter what issues they are involved in, would say they have no responsibility towards racism or sexism or any of the other major struggles going on in this world. You would never make a choice that would perpetuate an oppression or threaten the functioning of a movement. Well...that's what's involved in the choice you make about the Internet.

Membership in May First/People Link is only one way to make the right choice but it is definitely a way and it's a way that can not only benefit our movement but can benefit you and your organization by giving you access to the Internet that will greatly enhance your other political work.

So, if you're ready, please join.

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