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Common Hosting Services

This space outlines the services MF/PL members can access. The most common services members use on the MF/PL server infratstructure include:

In addition to these common tools, we have many other services available to the public and to our members.

Extra Services

The following services are all available now to all members (and some are open to the general public).

  • Instant Messaging/Chat (xmpp). We run our own federated chat service. Any member with a valid May First/People Link user account can start using it immediately. Your handle is your username followed by By using an open protocol, May First/People Link users can communicate with other services that also use the XMPP protocol. Our server supports text, video and audio! Maintainer:
  • Share documents. May First/People Link members can share and synchronize documents with other users through our owncloud service. In addition to sharing with your friends, you can synchronize the documents to your own computer or your phone and you can even synchronize your contacts and calendar. No need to synchronize your data to Google or Dropbox! Maintainer:
  • Social Networking. You won't find us on Facebook, but you will find us on, May First/People Link's social networking site. Unlike similar corporate services, is federated - meaning you can be friends with people who are on other servers. There are hundreds of other sites running the samesoftware. Additionally, if you have a twitter account, you can configure your account to resend all messages to your twitter account. Maintainer: ?
  • Jitsi Meet. Do you want to have a video conference call? No need to install special software or pay for a skype account. You can do it with free software and just a web browser. All participants need a recent version of Firefox or Chrome or Chromium and then simply go to: Maintainer:

Behind the scenes

The following services may not be immediately visible to most users are may be taken for granted, but they are nonetheless a critical part of our organization.

  • OpenPGP server. May First/People Link contributes to the global network of OpenPGP key servers with This service isn't limited to just May First/People Link members, but is available to everyone on the Internet. Maintainer:
  • To enable members to login to various services with their existing username and password, we have a login service.

Experimental Services

These services are not recommended for general use because they are experimental:

Chopping Block

These services will be retired.

Proposed new services

  • Setup our own git server (see #8033)

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