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Guidelines for Root use

Support team page

See also our ssh_security_policy


  • join the #mayfirst channel on and make an announcement before doing anything as root
  • run commands from within a logged screen session (type screen -x to attempt to join a running screen session, if that fails, type screen -L to start a new one)
  • use root only for tasks that require root
  • protect your private key! Only store on encrypted disks and report any breaches immediately


  • open or comment on a ticket for any root activity that might impact the server to ensure we all know about server changes
  • schedule projects requiring root access 24 hours in advance
  • use root with one more more additional people sharing your screen session
  • share knowledge about what you are doing with others

Make an effort...

  • take the time to fully understand what you or the person driving the screen session is doing
  • fix it "right" - either the first time, or after making the quick fix, go back and try to fix it in a permanent way