Prosody Admin Docs

See also our user facing docs.

Our XMPP server runs prosody on

Our custom configuration is in /etc/prosody/conf.d/ - please do not edit /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua (we also have for backward compatability sake but we should encourage everyone to re-register from their to

We using an external auth script to authenticate people (/etc/prosody/ that uses our login service so everyone can login with the user/pass that they already have.


We have the prosody-modules package installed via debian (buster backports so we get turncredentials) and from that package we have enabled the following modules:

  • carbons: copy messages to all clients
  • smacks: stream management
  • csi: allows clients to request that certain updates not be propagated to preserve battery
  • filter_chatstates: works with mod_csi to avoid chat state updates
  • throttle_presence: works with mod_csi to avoid presence updates
  • mam: maintains chats in an archive to be re-delivered when you come back online. Stores for only a week. Note: becuase we are running prosody .9, our only option seems to be in-memory storage, so we will lose archive messages on reboot.
  • http_upload
  • blocking
  • cloud_notify
  • proxy65
  • turncredentials
  • vcard_muc (#15713)

In addition, we are maintaining ourselves:

  • mod_auth_external.lua: allows for external auth

This mod is available via the site - just click the install link]. We install it in /usr/local/lib/prosody/modules.

Debian packages

We have the following Debian packages installed:

  • prosody
  • prosody-modules
  • lua-sec
  • lua-lpty
  • lua-event
  • coturn


We have srv records:

0 jamie@turkey:~$ dig +short -t srv
0 0 5222
0 jamie@turkey:~$ dig +short -t srv
0 0 5269
0 jamie@turkey:~$ 

The is kept for backward compatability. Everyone should use <username> rather than <username>

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