2018 Membership Meeting work plan

See the initial proposal for an overview of the idea. See the discussion of this plan.

In short: We organize one web-based panel/presentation in which we introduce the themes we want to focus on. We invite all members to attend live and we make a recording available and strongly encourage all members to watch it. Then, we invite our membership to attend one one-hour online meeting to identify the three most important priorities for the organization in the coming year. We schedule 6 to 8 of these meetings and we can make some of the meetings theme-specific. After each one-hour meeting, the group's priorities are posted to our discussion board. At the end of all meetings, the full membership votes online for new Leadership Committee members and prioritizes the priorities developed in the small group discussions.

Initial Planning

Strategy Team should have concrete proposals to be approved during the August 13 Leadership Committee Meeting on the following areas:

  • Identify the overall theme of the meeting and the proposed presenters for the initial panel/presentation - this step is the critical part of overcoming political barriers to participation by aligning the importance of our work with the mission and goals of our members.
  • Identify the theme-based small group discussions - what the themes are and a brief description of each. We can schedule both theme-specific small group discussions and also general small group discussions.
  • Demographics: Decide whether we have bi-lingual groups and/or intentionally mixed US/Mexico groups and whether we need to hire interpreters.
  • Propose an initial schedule (dates and times) of the initial panel presentation and each small group discussion (probably October/November) as well as the dates of the voting period.
  • Propose technology to be used for small group discussions (mumble - rock solid audio quality vs jitsi-meet - video of all participants, but unpreditable audio quality and impossible to connect for some people with weak Internet signals)
  • Decision on whether small group discussions should be recorded or just summarized via notes on the discussion board

During the August 13 Leadership Committee meeting we should approve (or modify) the proposals and assign at least two Leadership Committee members to each small group discussion as facilitators.

See proposed schedule.

Initial Outreach

During the week of August 13, send general email announcing the new approach to the membership meeting and let people know that registration for the meeting will begin in early September. We also remind members that we have four openings for Leadership Committee members and will be accepting nominations.

During August, the panel presentation and all small group meetings should be entered in CiviCRM as separate events with online registration pages, with facilitating Leadership Committee members identified.

We create a membership page on our main web site, in both english and spanish, describing the process with links for people to register for the panel presentation and any of the small group discussions.

We reach out to our membership to recruit volunteer translators who can translate leadership committee nominations and priorities between spanish and english and maintain a list of volunteers.

Full Outreach

In September we begin full outreach with weekly email messages urging people to register.

We also open nominations for Leadership Committee members on our voting site.

As nominations come in, we assign to volunteer translators for translation.

Each facilitating LC member gets weekly updates on how full their sessions are and are expected to do dedicated outreach to fill their sessions (goal of 15 people per small group discussion).

Meetings begin

After initial panel presentation, a recording is made with a prominent link and an email is sent to all members encouraging them to watch it if they missed the live showing.

After each small group discussion, Leadership Committee member facilitators are responsible for posting a summary of the priorities identified on our discussion web site.

After each meeting, an email is sent to the full membership with a link to the priorities discussed and encouragement to comment on them online and register for an upcoming discussion if they have not already done so.

Meetings Conclude

We close nominations for Leadership Committee meetings on the last day of the small group meetings.

The strategy team reviews all the priorities submitted, drafts a summary list of priorities, gains approval from Leadership Committee and posts to voting site (2 weeks)

The priorities are translated (1 week)


We send announcement to membership that online voting is open for exactly one week.

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