Note: Proposals discussed during the members meeting on november 12th. Overcomed by the agreements achieved by participants on the different locations and groups.

Proposal of Priorities to be considered during the Meeting of Members, prepared by members of the Technological Cooperative May First/People Link Mexico

Pablo Correa, Aaron Moysen, France Gutiérrez (members of the Steering Committee) and Esteban Ávalos, Edgardo Mendoza, Pablo Lugo, Enrique Rosas, Olinca Marino

Proposal of priorities to be addressed in 2017 by the PM / EP Association described as strategies to be implemented:

  1. Political development that allows dialogue with social movement organizations in the environment of each center (NY and Mexico) on the rights to communication on and off the Internet and the conditions of global collaboration required by the processes of revolutionary change, through political and technical workshops, talks, presentations, convergences, accompaniment and territorial political influence or union, with members and with potential members of the association.
  1. Organizational development of spaces for the meeting of members and potential members, for example to form the committees promoting the Convergence on Technology and Revolution in accordance with the specific situation of each center (NY and Mexico).
  1. Capacity building and communication strategies for cohesion and strengthening of membership, as well as to influence public opinion and the social movement on the need for secure and democratic communication infrastructures in the hands of social organizations.
  1. International projection for the creation of the third and fourth regional MF/PL organizational center, developing the necessary consensus building between members and alliances required with other social movement actors in the world.
  1. Promotion of new memberships between organizations committed to social change among workers, women, people of color and indigenous peoples and other social sectors, in accordance with local tensions and the conditions of reality faced by each center (NY, Mexico and new).
  1. Strengthening of the centers as organizational instances located in particular contexts and diverse, with knowledge of their field, capable of designing proposals to the LC for that purpose and of implementing the actions to be carried out in their environment. In this way, to participate in strategies of political and organizational development, to attract new members to the work of our association and to ensure the processes of popular education among the members of our association that give it sustainability and future projection.
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