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Membership Meeting Timeline

  • Now: Send Save the Date email to Leadership Committee and Lowdown
  • Now: finalize date and place (both NYC and Mexico City) for the meeting
  • Now: Draft proposed guidelines for how to handle the meeting
  • August 28: Discuss Membership meeting process and meeting with LC
  • August 30: Announce request for Leadership Committee nominations (Lowdown)
  • August 30: Data entry: collect and enter addresses and phone numbers of members
  • August 30: Initial email to members about the meeting
  • September 6: Finalize Postcard announcing meeting
  • September 13: Mail postcards
  • September 20: Begin phone calls and emails
  • October 1: Candidates and proposals announced and publish via the Lowdown
  • October 21: Target 200 phone calls and individual emails made/sent
  • October 21: Online voting for LC members begins. Announcement sent to LC
  • October 22: Reminder about meeting is sent
  • October 26: Last reminder about meeting
  • October 28 Meeting happens