Membershp Meeting Ground Rules

  • The Lowdown email list will be the official communications channel for all information regarding the May First/People Link membership meeting. If you are not subscribed to the Lowdown, you should subscribe now via:
  • Any member who joined before June 1, 2011 may nominate a Leadership Committee candidate starting August 22 via a web form. Instructions for how to nominate Leadership Committee members will be posted on the MFPL web site and sent via the Lowdown on or before August 22. Nominations must be made before 5:00 pm Eastern time on Friday, September 16 to ensure enough time to print materials for the meeting.
  • The co-directors' proposed action plan for 2012 is available for review
  • The membership meeting will be held on September 17. It will be conducted by the current (outgoing) Leadership Committee as the presiding committee. It will plan the final agenda, be responsible for minutes and notes of the proceedings, organize the meeting format and decide any issue arising during the meeting itself.
  • Members may participate in person or remotely. Remote participants will be able to watch a live video stream of the proceedings. Remote delegates will additionally be able to submit text-based questions and comments during the discussion period that will be read aloud in the meeting space, participate in the collaborative democracy workshop to develop the action plan, and vote for the Leadership Committee during the voting period of the agenda.
  • There will be no proxy or absentee or advance voting options available. Only members present in person or online during the appropriate period of the agenda may cast a vote and participate in drafting the action plan.
  • Remote participants must register to vote for the Leadership Committee by filling out a web form that will be accessible until just before the vote (changed from 11:59 pm Eastern time on September 15). Only remote participants must register to vote in advance. In person participants may register during the meeting.
  • The meeting is open to all members, including multiple members of member-organizations (as observers).
  • Each organization which is a member as of June 1, 2011 may send two delegates to this meeting. Each individual who is a member as of June 1, 2011 may participate as a delegate. Only delegates may speak, vote for the Leadership Committee, and participate in the collaborative democracy workshop to develop the action plan.
  • The membership meeting body may make binding decisions if a quorum, comprised of 100 valid ballots, are contributed to the vote.
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