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    1 Timeline
     1Membership Meeting
    3  * August 5: Lowdown Article
    4  * August 5: Draft of first email complete
    5  * August 8: First Email to ''all'' members (Agenda, Explanation of LC elections)
    6  * August 15: Draft of postal mailings complete
    7  * August 19: Mail merge process ready to go for postal mailing, copies made
    8  * August 22: Nomination Period Begins
    9  * August 22: Special email to Lowdown list announcing nominations goes out
    10  * August 22: Postal mailings goes out August 22, 2011
    11  * August 29: Voter registration system completed and ready for testing
    12  * September 1: Draft of Action plan for 2012 written (directors' proposed 5 points of action)
    13  * September 1: Draft of Sept lowdown completed on Final Preparations, including survey link and voter registration
    14  * September 1: Survey completed
    15  * September 5: Action plan for 2012 sent to Lowdown list (proposed 5 points of action)
    16  * September 5: September Lowdown Article released
    17  * September 5: Online voter registraiton period begins (only for online voters, not for in person voters)
    18  * September 5: Phone calls begin
    19  * September 5: Draft of Reports Complete
    20  * September 12: Final Email to ''all'' members, includes voter registration link.
    21  * September 12: Voting System completed and ready for testing
     3The yearly Membership Meeting is the highest decision-making body within May First/People Link. It meets annually to hear and discuss progress reports, approve the yearly work plan goals for the organization and elect its Leadership Committee. An internet organization run by its members is very rare, probably the only one of its kind in this country and ours reflects the belief that the Internet, as the most democratic and open communications technology, was developed by humanity to further free communication and democracy and that an internet organization should reflect those principles.
    23  * Survey to members
    25 [wiki:report Report to the Membership Meeting]
     5With over 550 members, a stable Leadership Committee, a robust technology infrastructure (which is the centerpiece of our work) and an impressive record of involvement in movement activities in this country and world wide, May First/People Link views itself as an authentic mass membership organization of the progressive movement.
     7The Membership Meeting occurs annually. This year, on September 17, 2011, the meeting:
     9Received and discussed a [wiki:report Report to the Membership Meeting] presented by the Co-Directors and staff
     13[wiki:projects/leadership-committee Leadership Committee]