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    22= Promotion and Communications =
     3That plan should include at least three fundamental elements:
     4Communications Plan
     5As  a large membership organization representing a wide diversity of  members, MF/PL has a lot to communicate. The question is what we  communicate, to whom and how.
     6How do we keep track of the issues facing the Internet that we should be commenting on? Which  groups, besides our members, do we target for commentary on issues,  news about our organization and the constantly needed explanation and  information about our structure, purpose and positions? What vehicles are best for that type of communication?
     7How  do we reach the progressive (and broader) media which is active,  powerful and huge and pays very little attention to us? How do we  develop a list of this media (print, tv, radio and Internet) for us to  contact intelligently and strategically? And what do we talk to them  about?
     9At  this point, our "promotion" is two-fold. We exist and work as an  organization and so that's how most people get to know us. We also have  an active group of technologists and web and software developers who  spread the word about us to clients, contacts and colleagues. That  communication, while successful, has left us with gaping holes in our  demographics and so we are not strong among many large and influential  progressive organizations in both the U.S. and Mexico and we are clearly  weak in our presence among movements like many of the community  issue-based movements and movements of people of color.
     10What plan can we develop to balance our promotion? How do we reach those movements where we have little or no presence? How  do we use our current membership to reach out to the movements of which  they are part? What materials and plans can we give them? Are  there specific models for programs and campaigns that can reach the  constituencies we have yet to reach? What are their needs and how do we  talk about our organization meeting them? What conferences and events are critical for our presence and how do we prepare for them?
     11Criteria for Spokespeople and Representatives
     12At  this point, our major spokespeople are our Co-Directors. While that  still makes sense, we have a significant number of activists in our  leadership and membership who can speak on our behalf in implementing  both our promotion and communications work. MF/PL should take advantage  of that critical resource. What  is the criteria for selecting those people? How do we organize them,  prepare them and "assign" them to particular communications and  promotion  tasks? Who does that?