Financial Report


May First/People Link has continued our trend of staying in the black. Our expenses roughly average between $4,000 and $5,000 per month and we maintain between $5,000 an $10,000 in the bank.

Both income and expenses have been slowly rising. We have failed to achieve an economy of scale for two principal reasons:

  • Bad timing on expansion: our biggest expansion decision came during the summer of 2007, when the economy was at its height. Since we couldn't afford to expand at Telehouse, we instead starting up with a new colo center.
  • Memberships are using more resources, but we are not increasing dues
  • New expenses: we are now paying rent for our offices and we've started spending more money on travel (US Social Forum/Conferences).

Outlook for 2010

August 2010 we will be renewing our contract with Bandcon. The Telehouse contract is not up until August 2011.

2008 Profit/Loss


Book Sales                     220
Donations 	               650
Expense Pass Through            75
Hosting 	            66,162
Interest 	                41
Total 	                    $67147.83


Bank Charges 	               726
Computer Hardware 	     8,797
Conference Registration        315
Disability 	                 5
Food/Entertainment 	       237
Internet 	            37,840
Lodging 	               175
Membership dues and subs       125
Misc. 	                       789
Postage 	               212
Printing 	               509
Telephone/Faxing 	       270
Transportation - Out of Town 2,051
Workers Comp 	                34
Total Expenses 	            $52086.78
NET 	                     15061.05

The profit/loss over states profits since we have a lot of uncollected invoices.

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