MFPL Membership Drive 2010

Following is a membership campaign outline for 2010. The outline is designed to complement our work with the US Social Forum and take into account periods of intense social forum organizing (during the months leading up to the forum) for both us and the members who we want to help us with recruitment. The goal is to prepare during the less intense periods.

Phase 1 (December 2009)

Preparing materials to support recruitment. Items include: print ads, press clippings, phone raps, member lists.

Activities: drafting, editing and approving text and ads. identifying magazines to advertise in and their cost.

The target for the materials are people involved in and coming to the social forum. For this drive, the politics of the organization will be known widely, however, our role as a membership organization with hosting benefits will be far less widely known, making that aspect of our organization an important part of the message.

Phase 2 (Jan - Mar 2010)

Select members of the Leadership Committee take on the role of organizers. Organizers' job is to identify MFPL leaders and support them to recruit orgs to join MFPL. Each organizer can start by supporting each other to identify five potential recruits and testing the materials and pitch with them. They then identify MFPL members that they recruit for the membership drive.

We must remember that we are talking to members, people that already contribute to the membership. We need the help of staff to identify members who best understand the value of MFPL and who would be more likely to want to bring more members to MFPL.

The organizers should flush out the plan in a more concrete manner. One task will be to configure Powerbase to track the organizing work.

Another activity during this period is to secure a tent at the USSF.

Phase 3 (Mar - June 2010)

Evaluation of Phase 2. Look at concrete data: phone calls, cost of ads, new members. Also, work on framing membership recruitment at the USSF.

Flush out the goals for the USSF tent. Recruit collaborators. Develop daily schedules.

Phase 4 (July 2010)

Checkin on membership recruitment by LC. Where are we? What are next steps?

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