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Resource Shift proposal

Currently, all labor is volunteer-based. As instructed by the leadership committee from last year's meeting, we've prepared a proposal for adding paid staff.

In addition, our colocation costs have been steadily increasing (more details in financial report).

We propose shifting resources from colocation to a paid staff person.

In August 2010 our current contract with Bandcon will expire, offering us an opportunity to consolidate our colocation facilities with Telehouse. If we take this step, and additionally move our servers to the less expensive Staten Island facilities, we could get a cost saving of between $500 and $1000/month.

The part time staff person's duties would be: maintaining the day-to-day tech support and maintenance duties of the organization. The staff person would start by answering support and as they develop a knowledge and comfort with the systems we have in place, would additionally:

  • Contribute to the documentation of our systems
  • Take on major projects (upgrades, new systems, etc.)

The cost-savings from the colocation move would determine the initial salary.

The downsides of this proposal:

  • We lose the redundancy of splitting our operations between two colocation providers. We are now fully in the hands of Telehouse
  • We lose the ease of access to our facilities. The Staten Island facilities are inconvenient (we have to get to 25 Broadway and then take a shuttle bus to staten island or take a cab from the Staten Island ferry).