Movement School Questions

-- What is this "moment"? --

How is our society failing?

What are the roots of those failures?

What are the options for reversing the failure?

What is the role of technology and the Internet in the failure and the recovery?

-- What kind of organization are we and what is our role? --

What is technology?

What is "our movement"?

What is "leadership"?

What is "horizontalism"?

Where is the real power in MF/PL?

Are we really "one organization"?

What should our organization be doing?

How should it be different in two years?

-- Racism, Sexism and MF/PL --

What is racism and how does it affect us in MF/PL as an organization and in the Left?

What is the role of women in this organization and why are women absent from its leadership and its major power centers?

Why is our organization almost entirely white?

How does racism affect technology and how does technology feed racism?

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