New Dues Proposal

Background: In our February meeting, we discussed an idea made by Jackie to allow us to charge a smaller membership dues fee and a separate, optional services fee. The total of both the fees would equal the membership dues most members currently pay, so it will not have a significant financial impact on current income.

However, it will open the door for new members to join who do not need to use our services.

In February, I was asked to draft a formal proposal. I've written it below in the form of how we would communicate it to our members. It has been approved by the admin team.


Your May First/People Link membership dues fund our movement building work. They ensure we remain independent and focused on our mission of "building movements by advancing the strategic use and collective control of technology for local struggles, global transformation, and emancipation without borders."

Membership Dues can be paid in Mexican Pesos or US dollars:

  • Individual/USD: $25 USD/year
  • Organization/USD: $50 USD/year
  • Individual/MXN: $820 MXN/year
  • Organization/MXN: $1025 MXN/year

In addition to supporting our work for a free and open Internet, membership comes with the following benefits:

  • Your own or email address
  • One login to our shared ownCloud file sharing, calendar and contact sync'ing application.
  • One login to our XMPP/Jabber chat service
  • Ability to post tickets to our help site ( and receive technical help regarding your MF/PL services.
  • Leadership Committee voting privileges (one vote for individuals, 2 votes for organizations)

For most movement activists, these basic benefits are not enough to do your work. To be effective, we need web sites, email lists, multiple email addresses, ssh access, multiple databases and more. As part of our commitment to the movement, May First/People Link offers all the major Internet services used by organizers and activists - with virtually no limits on bandwidth, disk space, etc.

Unfortunately, maintaining these services and in particular protecting them from attack is expensive. For this reason, we ask members who need these services to pay an additional charge to cover our collective expenses.

For optional full hosting benefits:

  • Individuals/USD: $75 USD/year (total: $100/year)
  • Organizations/USD: $150 USD/year (total: $200/year)
  • Individual/MXN: $205 MXN/year (total: $1025/year)
  • Organization/MXN: $615 MXN/year (total: $1640/year)

[For members who need a virtual private servers, please contact us to discuss.]

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