Jackie and Rob's Movement Proposal

We should participate in (and where appropriate, become a member of) some of the key organizations in our movement as a way of reaching out to a larger network of movement folks who may not know of our work. The U.S. Human Rights Network is one such group, and we recommend a meeting with the national staff in New York to discuss movement communications and technology issues with them. We propose stepping up our work this network in particular because of

its organizational commitment to prioritizing the needs and the leadership of people most impacted by human rights violations and because of its unique role in helping connect diverse grassroots organizations with international movements and human rights institutions such as the United Nations and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, complementing MF/PL’s international objectives.

The need for better communications was raised at the recent conference, and May First/People Link could help the organization develop its strategic thinking here. Also, many members of the USHRN would be interested in techie training institutes, and we may be able to work with USHRN to fundraise around this.

Our informal conversations with folks at this meeting suggested that the idea of “communications and technology rights/justice” is appealing to them, and they see it as important and under-represented in our movements. There was less responsiveness to the idea of privacy/surveillance, since for many of these folks access, accessibility, and the ability to bring excluded voices into the public discourse seem most critical. Having a broad frame like rights and justice can include both and draw more people in.

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