Jackie and Rob's Membership Proposal

In discussing the work of May First with folks in other movements—most of whom are not tech-savvy—we have developed some thoughts about how our membership structure and engagement could be adapted to improve our ability to attract folks who don’t come to our organization primarily for technology services, but who are committed to our political mission of advancing communications and technology justice.

  • Re-structure our membership formats to include a low-cost (and limited services) membership category that allows members to support the political vision and develop their understandings of technology issues without their needing website and other support. This membership category might include one or more email addresses (i.e.,
  • Institute regular member calls (quarterly?) where we report on the national work in May First, and then maybe lift up the work of one of our members. This would give members a better sense of being connected to the network, and it could help recruit their participation in working groups and attendance at some of the places we’re doing outreach.
  • Improve our software and social technologies for hosting effective remote meetings with members. In addition to improving the functionality and reliability of jitsi and Mexcla, we must also develop routines to ensure effective note-taking and reporting that will enhance our effectiveness at organizing across distances (and differences)
  • Offer regular training webinars and provide recordings of these on the website. This will help members learn more about the services we offer and offer tools for folks working to get acquainted with open source technology.
  • We also recommend organizing occasional webcasts of panels or presentations that help engage members in conversations about critical political and social issues and campaigns. For instance, we could work with member groups Grassroots Global Justice and INoSA to facilitate a webcast report-back from the GGJ delegation to the Paris climate talks. Rob may be able to facilitate such a meeting in New York, and Jackie’s networks might provide a 2nd location in the western states where we could convene a number of delegates who traveled to Paris and hear their reactions and accounts. This model is based on our Communications and Technology Working Group Proposal for Polycentric USSF Structure:
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