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Structure Proposal

May First/People Link is a democratic, membership-based organization, consisting of two centers: Media Jumpstart (based in New York, collecting dues from all members not in Mexico) and La Cooperativa Primero de Mayo/Enlace de Pueblo (based in Mexico City, collecting dues from all members based in Mexico).

The organization's essential documents are: The Political Environment, Mission Statement, Values, Goals, the Statement of Intentionality, and this structure document.

The membership has the responsibility and authority to:

  • Elect a total of 15 members to the Leadership Committee to three year terms, with 5 members elected each year.
  • Define the priorities of the organization for the coming year, within the scope of the essential documents.
  • Approve changes to essential documents.

Each center has the responsibility and authority to:

  • Collect membership dues for members within the center's regional area.
  • Organize the election of candidates for the leadership committee from the members in the center's region following the principles outlined in the Intentionality Statement, in order to ensure gender diverse representation from people of all backgrounds. Each center elects LC members proportional to the percentage of members in the center's region, with no single center holding 2/3 or more of the positions.
  • Propose a budget for allocating resources collected from the membership to the leadership committee for final approval.
  • Report on resources spent to the membership.

The leadership committee has the responsibility and authority to:

  • Organize and facilitate the membership meeting.
  • Provide political leadership and approve the allocation of resources within the scope of the essential documents and the priorities set by the membership at the prior membership meeting.