WorkPlan 2011

  1. Continue and expand work with the Social Forum movement There are several Social Forum events scheduled in Global South countries this coming year and we already been invited to do tech work at some of them. We should continue providing this support work to the Social Forum movement as a strategic initiative on our part.
  2. Global South Initiative The Hemispheric Initiative, particularly around Climate Change, was among our most successful work. At the same time, given the political changes, we see a need to expand that focus: allowing us to work in the entire Global South as we've done somewhat this year. So we're proposing changing the focus of our world-wide work.
  3. Bring on one part-time staff member to concentrate on server maintenance work One of the difficulties we encounter in day to day work is the tension produced by various areas of task pulling active members, especially Jamie, in many directions. Server maintenance work -- an almost constant activity -- is certainly one of these. MF/PL finally has the money to hire a qualified techie part-time to take on some of this responsibility and we are producing doing that.
  4. Strengthen and Expand Support and Technologists Team This is already organization and functioning and it has already made a huge difference in our work. Continuing and strengthening this group of technologists not only makes us more able to deal with support and system maintenance issues but it helps with the political development of a vitally important group of people and makes possible their political contribution to this organization and movement.
  5. Launch and conduct Praxis Project's People of Color Techie Training Institute As the accompanying document makes clear, this is an absolute must for us and our movement. It will help alter the image we have, address a huge political problem in progressive technology and move forward the technological consciousness of many grass-roots organizations.
  6. Recruit organizations "strategically" Rather than follow the traditional "let's recruit another 200 members" approach, we are proposing a departure this year. We are looking to recruit as members organizations whose constituency or work make them central to the movement. In this way, we are not only contributing more deeply to the struggles in this country but we are expanding our own impact and enabling an even greater recruitment based on the influence these "target organizations" have. We are asking each LC member to each come up with names and contacts for about five of these organizations. This will be our recruitment drive for the coming year.
  7. Implement the "InfraStructure Initiative" This is the program of infra-structural change and redirection reflected in Jamie's report.
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