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Use Cases

Use Case Leadershipship Committee proposal Working Group proposal
An LC member has concern about MFPL project/policy/infrastructure/strategy. Ideally, the concern is raised during the f2f LC meeting when the work group proposal is being discussed, in which case the LC member voices their concern and has an opportunity to influence the approval and/or amendment of the plan. If the concern happens after the plan is approved, the LC member can communicate direclty with the work group contact. If the LC members doesn't feel like the concern was taken seriously, they can voice the concern at a telphone LC meeting and if the LC agrees, an LC member of that work team can relay the concern to the team. And, it can be raised at the membership meeting when the work team reports are discussed. Lastly, the next year's LC face to face meeting can choose to explicitly adjust the work group's plan to take the concern into consideration there is no LC in the working group proposal, so this use case doesn't seem to apply
A new member (individual) wants to join a committee/team/working group. All work teams are publicly advertised with a point person, full contact information, and the dates/times of next meetings. All members are encouraged to join. all working groups are listed publicly, with contact information and dates/times of upcoming meetings or discussions
An organization or campaign requests campaign collaboration/endorsement. If the request is for an endorsement that requires no resources, is in the field of communications and is consistent with our statement of unity, the outreach team is empowered to sign on. Requests that involve substantial resource commitment should be endorsed by the Outreach team and approved by the LC