Use Cases

each use case is described below, along with responses to how they would be treated from the different proposals.

time-limited concerns

A member with limited time to contribute has concerns about MFPL project/policy/infrastructure/strategy.

Leadership Committee Proposal

The member may:

  • Email the general info account with the concerns
  • Open a ticket at
  • contact any of the published email addresses of the work teams
  • contact an LC member to raise the issue
  • vote for/against LC members in the future that will or will not address the issue.

Working Group Proposal

joining a team/becoming more active

A new member (individual) wants to join a committee/team/working group.

Leadership Committee Proposal

All work teams are publicly advertised with a point person, full contact information, and the dates/times of next meetings. All members are encouraged to join.

Working Group Proposal

all working groups are listed publicly, with contact information and dates/times of upcoming meetings or discussions

outside collaboration/endorsement

An organization or campaign requests campaign collaboration/endorsement.

Leadership Committee Proposal

If the request is for an endorsement that requires no resources, is in the field of communications and is consistent with our statement of unity, the outreach team is empowered to sign on. Requests that involve substantial resource commitment should be endorsed by the Outreach team and approved by the LC

Working Group Proposal

If the request is for an endorsement that requires no resources, is related to information/telecommunications, and is consistent with our statement of unity, the organizational development working group can go ahead and decide (via usual public discussion channels, and with input from other members) whether to endorse. At a minimum, this probably will involve the i18n working group, to ensure that the organization has a clear sense of what is being endorsed in as many supported languages as possible. Whether an endorsement is made or not, the final decision (along with any relevant discussion) should be announced in the regular reportbacks from the organizational development working group. if the endorsement or campaign collaboration requires additional work, (e.g. further i18n, technical, or design work) or financial resources, then the organization development working group should estimate what resources or work are needed (in what timeframe), from which working groups those resources might come, and confirm that those working groups are prepared to make those commitments before making such an endorsement. If the working groups in question can't commit to the extra work/resources needed, then the organizational development working group should not endorse or commit to a campaign collaboration on behalf of the larger organization.


Someone not yet a member is interested in experiencing how the organization works

Leadership Committee Proposal

They are invited to attend any of the working group meetings and the membership meeting.

Working Group Proposal

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