Priorities Summary

At the membership meeting in November 2016, the full membership collectively developed a list of priorities for us to work on in 2017 (see

According to the organization structure document, the job of the Leadership Committee is to plan activities for the year that meet the priorities set by our membership.

Proposed Leadership Committee Analysis of Priorities set by Membership for 2017

The Technology And Revolution campaign will organize a series of meetings throughout the US, Mexico and other parts of the world with the goals of contributing to a movement wide strategy, building tighter relationships between experienced movement organizers with limited understanding of technology and techie activists with limited movement experience, and practicing developing inter-generational, mixed race and gender environments that builds respect and power (goals are still in flux).

In keeping with our member priorities, this campaign will address/include the following issues:

  • Target groups under threat and communities of color.
  • The creation of curriculum that covers basic education about technology and the Internet as well as security and collaboration
  • A hub for resources (tip sheets, etc) to support the curriculum
  • A survey about political and technical strategies and pain points within the movement
  • Story-based approaches to education on technology use
  • Explore and report on distributed, de-centralized computing strategies for organizing
  • Improve participation of MF/PL members and deepen political development based on realities in each center
  • Actively seek partners in Latin America as part of our effort to explore creation of additional centers for the organization

In addition to the campaign, MF/PL will:

  • Implement and widely publicize the new dues structure as a form of recruitment and with the goal of increased financial stability
  • Form a dedicated fundraising committee to explore new funding opportunities, including consulting services, and opportunities for crowd funding. This committee will be merged with the existing admin committee.
  • Continue the project of installing new servers in Mexico


The following guidelines are proposed for future server installation, including implementing the installation of new servers in Mexico.

Our colocation strategy must balance some conflicting goals to ensure the most stable and politically responsible approach to hosting Internet services.

The goals include:

  • Resource sharing and skills transfer between the North and the South. We should take everyone opportunity to shift Internet resources from the North, where they are currently concentrated, to the global south.
  • While preparing for government seizure, we should strive to keep servers within legal jurisdictions that offer better protections from seizure.
  • Stable environment: our colocation centers should provide reasonable assurances of stability - no more than 12 hours of downtime per year. Downtime means failure due to lack of electricity or lack of Internet connection entering our cabinet. The center should also offer reasonable protection against common theft.
  • Easy human access: The colocation center should be easily accessible by a reliable member of the support team, capable of visiting the center with a minimal notice (12 hours) and capable of performing hardware maintenance.
  • The purpose and function of all servers is directed by the Leadership Committee and may change as needs change
  • The support team maintains administrator access to all shared servers
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