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Laneta Move

Welcome Laneta members!

This wiki page covers plans, schedule and expectations for accomodating Laneta members into May First/People Link.

Dues structure

During 2012, Laneta Members will pay:

  • $40/year for individual memberships
  • $80/year for organization memberships

Starting in 2013:

  • $50/year for individual memberships
  • $100/year for organization memberships

Process for opt-in

Laneta members will be given a deadline of December 31, 2011 to either join May First/People Link or move to another provider.

Laneta members will express their decision to join May First/People Link by filling in the MFPL Join Us form.

Laneta members who have not joined MFPL by December 31 and have not notified us that they have moved to another provider will be contacted again in early January. Absent contact by January 15, their services will be disabled, and then removed on January 31.

Integrating Spanish into Tech support process

Phase 1: Enrique will continue providing spanish language support to Laneta members in the manner that support is currently provided. Enrique will use the #mayfirst IRC channel and the ticket tracking system to request help from other MFPL support team members.

Phase 2: Once the ticket tracking system has reached an acceptable level of internationalization, Laneta members will be asked to request support like all MFPL members by submitting tickets. Ross, as support queue manager, will assign spanish language tickets to Enrique.

Phase 3: Enrique and Laneta will be integrated into the support system. All support requests will be assigned based on matching the linguistic and technical capacity of the support team member with the issue being raised, independently of whether or not the question comes from a Laneta Member.


Enrique will manage a Mexican bank account to collect dues payments. Enrique will transfer a single lump sum from the bank account to MFPL's bank account once a month. Enrique will provide Hilary with bank statements so Hilary can track membership dues payments.

Enrique will be paid $XX per month via withdrawals from this bank account and will be expected to work XX hours per week.

Transferring data from Laneta's Canadian servers to MFPL servers

Laneta runs 5 servers in Canada (mx1, mx3, mx23, mx24, mx25). All are running Debian, all are running a 686 kernel. 90% of Laneta resources are on mx1, with the remaining servers providing services dedicated to single members or other dedicated uses.

mx1 is running Debian Etch, mx23 is running Debian Lenny. The remaining servers are running Debian Squeeze.

The first goal is to move all resources to MFPL so we can stop payment on the Canadian servers. The absolute deadline for this process is January 7 (based on the billing cycle). The goal is to move all servers by mid December.

Phase 0: On a case-by-case basis, Enrique is currently moving some groups individually from Laneta servers to MFPL accounts created via the control panel. This process will continue based on needs of individual members.

In addition, this process will be the one used to move resources from mx3, mx23, mx24, and mx25. We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis the need to create dedicated virtual servers for each phsyical server in use by Laneta.

Phase 1: Upgrade. In November we will upgrade mx1 to Debian Squeeze. PHP will be held back to version 5.2 (Lenny version) during this upgrade. We will leave time to address any support issues that arise from this uprade.

  • NOTE: There is some concern about upgrading on the Canadian servers. Since there is no way to recover from a failed reboot without paying exorbitant amounts of money for on site intervention, Aldolfo has asked if it would be possible to do the upgrade on our servers. This would require creating an etch installation for one of the MF/PL servers.

Phase 2: In December, we will build 686-based virtual servers for mx1. Using rsync, we will do a straight rsync from filesystem to filesystem. Afer testing, we will re-run the rsync and change DNS settings to point all domains to the new virtual server.

Phase 3: Over the first 6 months, MFPL will study the Laneta directory and service structures on mx1 and develop scripts to transition them to a MFPL standard MOSH server. At the end of this phase the 686-based virtual server used for mx1 will be phased out.

Until Phase 3 is completed, Laneta members will not be able to use the MFPL members control panel.

Internationalizing MFPL

Currently, all MFPL communication happens in English. It will take a lot of time before we have developed systems to properly adjust to a bi-lingual organization.

  • Primary web site
  • Support web site
  • Official communiations (Lowdowns, Service advisories/warnings, etc.)
  • Meetings and meeting notes

Leadership Committee

MFPL's strategy and political direction is larging determined based on the political situation in the United States. We will need to adjust our strategies and outlooks to bring in the political realities facing Mexico.

Development of MFPL Mexico

  • Join support team sessions
  • Techie travel exchange