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Schedule for Transitioning Servers

Laneta runs 5 servers in Canada (mx1, mx3, mx23, mx24, mx25). All are running Debian, all are running a 686 kernel. 90% of Laneta users are on mx1, mx3 is dedicated to mailman-lists, and remaining servers providing services dedicated to single members.

mx1 is running Debian Etch, mx23 is running Debian Lenny. The remaining servers are running Debian Squeeze.

The first goal is to move all resources to MFPL so we can stop payment on the Canadian servers.

Note: about the deadline for this process, we should consider different days for each server because the billing cycle is different for each one of them:

  • mx24 2011-12-04 mmsc - dedicated server
  • mx3 2011-12-09 laneta - mailman server
  • mx23 2011-12-25 rosalux - dedicated half server
  • mx1 2012-01-07 laneta - main server
  • mx25 2012-05-15 cimac - dedicated server


Transfer to MFPL hardware

Enrique is contracted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Mexico to transfer mx23, that process has begun (virtual server on MFPL has been allocated)

  • November 15: new MFPL hardware is installed, 686-based virtual servers are installed for m24, mx3, and mx1
  • November 22: rsync script for transfering all data from mx24 is completed and has run, testing begins
  • November 29: mx24 goes live on MFPL server, rsync script is prepared and run for mx3, testing begins
  • December 6: mx3 goes live on MFPL server
  • December 13: mx1 is upgraded from etch to squeeze, two weeks of support allocated for dealing with problems
  • December 20: rsync script for mx1 is prepared and run, testing begins
  • December 27: mx1 goes live on MFPL servers
  • January 10: mx25 is allocated on MFPL server
  • January 17: mx25 rsync script is prepared and run
  • January 24: mx25 is live on MFPL servers

Transfer to MFPL system/control panel

To be completed in 2012

  • First step: Create translation framework for red/control panel
  • Translate red/control panel into spanish
  • Transfer sites either in bulk or one-by-one. They will be transferred to other virtual servers so eventually the sites are shut down.