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Report to the Kindle Project

So far, we have met most of our goals that we outlined for 2014.

Highlights from the year include:

  • Leadership Committee meeting in Mexico City - first time our elected Leadership Committee approved all work plans and a budget for 2014
  • Our first ever series of People Links - conference call based meetings with members on a variety of topics. So far we have organized ones on Gender in Technology and another on Net Neutrality
  • Attended US Social Forum national coordinators meetings in January (Philadelphia) and May (Jackson, MI) as well as attending bi-weekly meetings for various committees
  • Attended Media Access Grassroots Network coalition in July as well as monthly phone calls
  • Presented on Internet Privacy at Rights Con conference (March)
  • Participated in Knowledge Exchange in Washington DC with the Center for Media Justice and Consumers Union on the topic of Internet Rights and Surveillance
  • Attended Jackson Rising Alternative Economy conference in Jackson, MI
  • Presented workshop on the role of the Internet for revolutionary work at the Left Forum, included three presenters participating remotely from Mexico City
  • Presented at workshop at the Working Class Studies Association conference (State University of NY in Stoneybrook) in June
  • In collaboration with the Center for Media Justice and Free Press, we organized a full-day meeting at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit on the topic of Racial Justice and Surveillance attended by over 75 people
  • We organized a day-long session in Barcelona, as part of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) membership meeting, on how to defend activists from denial of service attacks - both technical and legal. This meeting has led to a project to build a distributed system among APC members to protect our members
  • Launched our federated social networking site ( - providing integration with Twitter, but defending data sovereignty of our members
  • Continue to upgrade and improve our ownCloud server ( - providing ability for members to synchronize their data (files, calendar and contacts) via their phone or desktop computer with a MF/PL protected server
  • Ran technical training workshops in both Mexico City and Chiapas
  • Mexican operations officially incorporated as a Coop, elected leadership