Report to the Kindle Project

Thanks to the support of the Kindle Project, we have had a very busy agenda, meeting most of our goals that we outlined for 2014.

Highlights from the year include:

  • Leadership Committee meeting in Mexico City - first time our elected Leadership Committee approved all work plans and a budget for 2014
  • Our first ever series of People Links - conference call based meetings with members on a variety of topics. So far we have organized ones on Gender in Technology and another on Net Neutrality
  • Attended US Social Forum national coordinators meetings in January (Philadelphia) and May (Jackson, MI) as well as attending bi-weekly meetings for various committees
  • Attended Media Access Grassroots Network coalition in July as well as monthly phone calls
  • Presented on Internet Privacy at Rights Con conference (March)
  • Participated in Knowledge Exchange in Washington DC with the Center for Media Justice and Consumers Union on the topic of Internet Rights and Surveillance
  • Attended Jackson Rising Alternative Economy conference in Jackson, MI
  • Presented workshop on the role of the Internet for revolutionary work at the Left Forum, included three presenters participating remotely from Mexico City
  • Presented at workshop at the Working Class Studies Association conference (State University of NY in Stoneybrook) in June
  • In collaboration with the Center for Media Justice and Free Press, we organized a full-day meeting at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit on the topic of Racial Justice and Surveillance attended by over 75 people
  • We organized a day-long session in Barcelona, as part of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) membership meeting, on how to defend activists from denial of service attacks - both technical and legal. This meeting has led to a project to build a distributed system among APC members to protect our members
  • Launched our federated social networking site ( - providing integration with Twitter, but defending data sovereignty of our members
  • Continue to upgrade and improve our ownCloud server ( - providing ability for members to synchronize their data (files, calendar and contacts) via their phone or desktop computer with a MF/PL protected server
  • Ran technical training workshops in both Mexico City and Chiapas
  • Mexican operations officially incorporated as a Coop, elected leadership
  • Organized a 20 person Movement School with members from both the US and Mexico to study the role of Communications and the Internet in the movement

The only major area that we were not successful in was organizing another year of our People of Color Technical training. This project was not able to launch due to our inability to raise dedicated funds for the project.

We greatly appreciate the support of the Kindle Project - the freedom to spend un-restricted funds was critically important, particular in our first budget process.

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