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    11= Workflow =
    3 We have many different resources to be translated, which have different workflows.
     3We have many different resources to be translated, and all of them will be brought to the tickect system which has very good conditions for the translation team to collaborate both internally and with other organizing instances of MF/PL:
    5 1. Generic workflow. Our most basic workflow is to [wiki:workflow/general make a request via the ticket system].
    6 1. We also have a [wiki:workflow/ workflow specific to the main mayfirst web site].
     5 1. Generic workflow for translation starts with a request from MFPL members, staff, support-team or from the leadership commite. Those request are placed in the tycket system and once there they become easily searchable thanks to the filtering feature of the same ticket system, [wiki:workflow/general both aspects -request and search- are described here]. The translation team will need to become familiarized about how the ticket system works, how to login, how to reassing tickets to other comrades, comment on a ticket, close a ticket once the request is been solved, and perhaps another few aspects related with the use of this tool called [ trac]. Is important to mention is not a complex system and staff would be glad to respond to any question related the use of it that any members of the translation team may have. Please consider sending you question to
     7 2. We also have a [wiki:workflow/ workflow specific to the main mayfirst web site] which is in the interest of editors to achieve the goal to having our main web site, as fully as possible, translated into Spanish for start. The procedure described there is about how to use the feature of the internacionalization drupal plugin, which relates a content already published (or in process of being published) with it's translation. Any how the translation process will take place vía the ticket system described lines above.