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Sep 6, 2013, 5:03:29 AM (8 years ago)
Jesus Franco

opening discussion on neutral gender nouns in spanish


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    99voice over IP: voz sobre IP[[BR]]
    1010white male privilege: los privilegios de los varones blancos[[BR]]
    11 gender inclusive language: we use @ as in niñ@as, compañer@as.[[BR]]
     13'''To discuss''' (this is an example of living languages evolving):
     15Is really "gender inclusive language", using @ to make "unisex" nouns like niñ@s, compañer@s?
     17I think, is better if we can choose in most cases, neutral gender nouns, in example, niñ@s, (being unpronounceable in spanish, actually), is more clear ''niñez'' or ''infantes'', another example is ''members'' translatable not only to ''miembros'' (miembr@s would be outrageous, IMHO), also, we can choose among ''personas miembro'' or ''membresía''. Sometimes Spanish can be a language requiring a bit longer texts, however its own nuances take shape on being like that. I'm really interested in our texts being understandable (and readable loud-voice) to everyone reading/hearing it. I mean, our language has its own neutral gender nouns, we don't need to break it in order to fight against the gender oppression.
     19~/[[wiki:tzk:choices|tezcatl]] (Jesús Franco)