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En la reunión que sostuvimos el 20 de diciembre principalmente nos enfocamos en dos aspectos: Pensar la convocatoria para llamar a compañer@s interesad@s en estos aspectos que se encuentran mostrados en este diagrama

El proceso para la elaboración del artículo lo describió Roberto Tijerina en un correo electrónico enviado a finales de diciembre

The article - both enrique and i plan, barring any unforeseen events, to draft a version and put in the wiki. we realized we had
different areas of expertise and it would be easier for us to each write from our strengths and, put the two articles on wiki,
then meld them in some non-vulcan like manner. once on the wiki, everyone on this email is welcome to comment. we hope
to have this all done by tues night. also, until the version is completed, the working drafts will be in different languages,
enrique's in spanish and mine in english. the article will start by referencing ross article, give some background info on MF/PL
political and technical work (enrique), give some background info on the linguistic integration process/politic (roberto), explain
the need for resources and make a call for volunteers, offer a broad outline of the process (ticketing system), and offer a way
for folks to sign up and offer the necessary info.

Un segundo aspecto que se abordó fue el proceso organizativo del equipo de traducción, las reflexiones de Roberto se encuentran en el recuadro más abajo:

The broad outline referenced above is just that. no more than stating that it will be a ticket system folks can access.
we feel that very soon, we need a call to nail down a host of issues outlined in the 2nd mindmap before we open the
process up to folks to be able to access. among those are:
 * ticketing system: nail it down, do a test run, set up access protocol for both MF/PL members as well as non-members who may want to volunteer
 * editing and approval process. what is it, who does it. who has final word? volunteer translators - expectations on both sides
 * developing a sign up form to gather contact info, availability, etc
 * creating a forum for both linguistic conversations, into into the process, decision making process when there is disagreement, etc

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