AMC Grant Proposal

Fundraising project outline

May First/People Link is planning a fundraiser to take place on Monday, April 30 with the theme: $5,001 on 5/1.

The event will take place at Alwan for the Arts, with MFPL members providing musical entertainment.

The purpose of the fundraiser will be to raise money so we can cover travel and lodging expenses for MFPL members to attend our networking event, specifically to pay for the airfare of one member from Mexico and offset the costs of 5 members from the US.

The event will both raise money and also help us publicize our network event and panels.

We expect to spend approximately $700 to publicize the event and for party prep.

Commitment on spending AMC money

May First/People Link will use this $500 mini-grant as seed money to raise additional funds to support participation in my AMC track.

By July 15, 2012 we will submit to AMC a half page written reflection on our grassroots fundraising project.


Please see our Budget

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