Outreach: March:

Lowdown article announcement Design postcard for mailing Party planning for May 1st event


Lowdown article/pitch Postcard mailing All out email blast to entire email list Party invite blitz


Lowdown article/pitch May 1st/May First party - to potentially use as fundraiser, but also general MF/PL event. Phone call outreach to members


Last Lowdown pitch/reminder More general email blast

Budget: No real numbers yet. Ideally all staff can come to the conference. If we hold a fundraiser, the money would either be used to offset the additional lodging/travel expense to come to the AMC a day early for the networking session OR to provide travel to support to members traveling from Mexico. Another option for funds is reaching out to APC, particularly around international travel assistance. We could also see if they want to co-organize the networking session with us - depending on relevance, etc. We could look into renting a house in Detroit where we could offer cheap space to others attending the conference.

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