Move our Telehouse Servers from Telehouse 25 Broadway to XO at 111 8th Avenue

People who have confirmed to help: Jamie, Daniel, Alfredo, Micah, John, Doug, Matt, Andy

Vehicles: Doug has offered his car (which is tight on space). Jamie will be looking into renting either a car or a van.

What to bring: A government issued picture ID, comfortable clothes

Where/When: We're meeting at 11:00 pm, Saturday August 23 at 25 Broadway in lower Manhattan. We'll be meeting in the downstairs lobby (they won't let you up without us).

If you have thoughts/concerns/questions - we're discussing the move on ticket: #1279.

Saturday, 11:00 pm

We all meet at 25 Broadway. I just sent in a request to reserve a conference room. We'll probably all want to collect in the lobby of the building, since only Daniel and myself have badges to allow us upstairs. We'll be sure to have pizza and other food available (and coffee!).

For the next hour we'll eat, drink, and plan the details of the move and various jobs.

Sunday Midnight

We dispatch a two person team to the XO facilities in 111th 8th Avenue (XO crew). Their job is to coordinate the transition of the IP addresses from Telehouse to XO and test that all IP addresses work at XO facilities. I'm in communication with HE about the timing, so they should be prepared to make the change over. We'll schedule the change over for 1:30 am.

The remaining crew loads all equipment that is not currently plugged in to the car/van

Sunday 1:00 am

Downtime begins. We run updates on all machines (most of them have pending kernel upgrades) and shut them down after the upgrade. As each machine is shut down, it is unplugged and loaded into the car/van. When the last computer is shutdown, the Telehouse crew phones the XO crew to let them know that we can transition the IP addresses.

Sunday 2:00 am

We drive the servers to 111 8th Avenue.

Sunday 2:30 am

We unload the machines and bring them up to XO.

Sunday 3:00 am

We install the machines that have rails and attach rails to the rail-less machines.

Sunday 4:30 am

Trouble-shooting and debugging followed by breakfast :).

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