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Technology Principles

This wiki page is a collection of links to sites and projects that have defined technology related principles and values.


May First's Tech and Rev site defines a set of principles developed over the course of 2 years based on numerous meetings. (And even that process was informed by many other previous efforts, such as the US Social Forum tech principles among others.)

Other similar efforts include:

Allied Media Consentful Tech Project:

APC's Feminist Principles of the Internet:

Design Justice Principles:

Putting priniciples in action

Below are links to training curriculums designed to include these principles:

Tactical Tech - Holistic Security:

Tactical Tech - Gender and Technology Institute - Training Curriculum:

Our Data Bodies - Digital Defense Playbook

La Clika - Libres en Linea - Autodefensa -

Greenhost and Free Press Unlimited - Totem - Digital Security training for activists and journalists -

Progressive Technology Project - Digital Security for Workers Centers -

Teaching Community Technology -