Technology Principles

This wiki page is a collection of links to sites and projects that have defined technology related principles and values.


May First's Tech and Rev site defines a set of principles developed over the course of 2 years based on numerous meetings. (And even that process was informed by many other previous efforts, such as the US Social Forum tech principles among others.)

Allied Media Consentful Tech Project:

APC's Feminist Principles of the Internet:

Design Justice Principles:

Putting priniciples in action

Below are links to training curriculums designed to include these principles:

Tactical Tech - Holistic Security:

Tactical Tech - Gender and Technology Institute - Training Curriculum:

Our Data Bodies - Digital Defense Playbook

La Clika - Libres en Linea - Autodefensa -

Greenhost and Free Press Unlimited - Totem - Digital Security training for activists and journalists -

Progressive Technology Project - Digital Security for Workers Centers -

Teaching Community Technology -

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