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People Links

People Links is a series of monthly talks addressed to MF/PL members on political and technical issues relevant for them (open for other people as well, which might a good outreach tool). All topics should include a focus on what these issues mean for membership with May First.

Analía, a staff member of APC and also a MF/PL volunteer, will coordinate the initiative.

The initial proposal is to do these talks monthly, the first Thursday of each month at 6 PM East time.

A preliminary list of issues would be:

  • Violence against women and the internet, possible impacts on free speech, and measures that ISPs might take.
  • Surveillance online and what to do to counteract it (Tech Talks?)
  • Open source and intellectual property (example: what happened to YesLab)
  • Libre Software: the economical dimensions/importance of technological transference to the Global South
  • Libre Software: Commons and the meaning of CopyLeft?
  • Race
  • México report on Telecommunications Reforms
  • Tech Talks: Introduction to MF/PL Control panel
  • Tech Talks: How the Ticket system works - how to get support

We're aiming at one-hour events, with the following structure

  • Expected technical adjustments and waiting for late arrivals (5 minutes)
  • Brief intro about MF/PL (5 minutes)
  • Presenter's talk (15 minutes)
  • Q&A (20-30 minutes)
  • Wrap up (5 minutes)

Previous to the talk:

  1. Presenters (and organizers) write a synopsis of their talk
  2. We send the synopsis as part of the invitation


  1. An initial invitation will be sent through the membership list (and Lowdown List?), and interested people would be added to a People Links list.
  2. We could have potential participants register for the calls will allow us to gather contact information.
  3. Discussion offered in Spanish and English, so we need support from the Internationalization team.
  4. Use Riseup Pad or other option for notes, visual materials, etc. Need a way to figure out how to manage questions. Many online conference call systems have options for managing this. We could use Riseup Pad for listing questions but it might be hard to follow.
  • (erq's suggestion) To reconsider the use of the email list and instead (or complementary) think on the convenience of promoting the use of our friendica social network as a complementary tool for further exchange.

Follow Up:

  1. We can send an evaluation survey to get feedback after the fact.
  2. We should send out a list of resources or more information following the talks to the participants. Possibly this could include a recording of the talk or at least links to organizations, contacts for speakers, notes from talk.