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    5353 1. We can send an evaluation survey to get feedback after the fact. [[br]]
    5454 2. We should send out a list of resources or more information following the talks to the participants.  Possibly this could include a recording of the talk or at least links to organizations, contacts for speakers, notes from talk.
     57Notes from Meeting on 12/19/13
     58Analia, Enrique, Abi, Hilary
     60The current plan for the first call is February 20th to not conflict with the LC meeting in Mexico
     61The call will be coordinated with APC - right now potential candidates are Nadine Moawad the research project manager and Erika from Laneta
     63We decided to get early confirmation from the next four planned talks so we can add to the outreach.  Hilary and Analia will work on this next week.
     65Outreach - in addition to an email blast, we want to go through the  list of members for targeted outreach and ask the LC and Membership Team to help.  We also want to create a nicely designed web flyer and web page.  Enrique will ask Aaron to assist with the design.  Analia will post a support ticket to ask for web help.
     66We also want to make sure to invite membership involvement in future talks - this can be part of our outreach and also an announcement on the calls. 
     68Tech - Abi raised the important question of tech capability.  We need to make sure this runs smoothly - more smoothly than LC calls to date.  Analia will add this to the support ticket - if we can get support staff on board in advance we can hopefully troubleshoot problems.  Right now our system seems ok to handle 25 callers, and should be able to handle more but have to think about how to handle the QandA as well.
     70Schedule - Enrique is amending the above schedule to reflect our discussion about mixing up the tech talks and the people links dialogues.  the tech talks will be more focused on our support staff giving updates about software, how to use the control panel and more.  These will be more member focused.
     72The next meeting to discuss steps will be the upcoming Membership/Administration Team meeting.  Hopefully we will get more volunteers to help with planning and outreach.