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    11= OpenSSL Vulnerability Discovered =
    3 A security problem was discovered this week affecting servers running the [ Debian GNU operating system]. All of our servers are running Debian GNU/Linux so they are all affected.
     3A security problem was discovered this week affecting May First/People Link servers.
    5 The security problem is...
     5We are in the process of updating all of servers to ensure that are not vulnerable. As a result of our updates, some users may experience error messages that you did not see before.
    7 Please see the [ Debian wiki page] for a full explanation.
     7== Who is affected? ==
     9The ''only'' members who will be affected are members that:
     11 * Use [wiki:sftp Secure FTP] or [wiki:secure_shell secure shell (ssh)] to connect to our servers
     12 * Use our offsite backup system
     14== Secure Shell/Secure FTP users ==
     16If you use Secure FTP or secure shell, you will get a message indicating that the host key has changed. Please see our [wiki:ssl_host_key_changed host key changed] help file to avoid getting that message in the future.
     18If you are using our offsite backup system - you will also get the [wiki:ssl_host_key_changed host key changed error] - but it will happen during your automated backup process, causing your automated backup to fail until you follow the directions and import the proper new host key.
     20== More Information ==
     22Please see the [ Debian wiki page] for a full explanation of the security problem.