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Outreach and Publicity Committee

This committee currently has a large set of goals. This page is for general information and documentation of our meetings as we move forward. We will also list projects the committee is currently handing.

We currently have an email list for discussion, if you would like to join the committee please join the list and announce yourself.

Current Projects

  1. putting content on wiki but trying to keep conversations on the email list
  2. creating email list for easier communication
  3. creating working groups to break up topics
    1. Content group
    2. Design and Development group
  4. Redesign Lowdown (see proposal notes)
  5. Redesign MF/PL webpage
  6. Ensure that interpretation is availble for the meetings

Proposed Projects

  1. Create subcommittees for specific projects, recruitment, strategic partnerships, content team, redesign, etc.
  2. Have a regularly scheduled meeting review progress on projects
  3. Lowdown Revamp - see notes from 3/13/13

Meeting Notes

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