Nextcloud End to End Encryption

Our Nextcloud file sharing server supports end to end encryption.

End to end encryption means that you can create a new, shared folder as encrypted via your Nextcloud client and then any document you place in that folder will be scrambled before it is sent to our server. You can even share the folder with other people and the documents will remain scrambled on the server, but when they land on the computer or phone of your comrades they will be de-crypted.

This feature means that the May First/People Link administrators will never be able to read any of the documents in these folders. If May First/People Link receives a subpoena for data, or if the server is compromised there is simply no way to turn the data over.

Before starting with end to end encryption, there are a few limitations that you should be aware of:

  • Only the android phone client supports it. This limitation makes the feature not very useful! But we will keep our eyes on the development progress and keep you posted.
  • If you make a folder end to end encrypted, you cannot access it via the web browser. You can't download documents via the web, share documents via the web, or collaboratively edit documents via the web
  • You cannot share folders that are end to end encrypted with a circle. You can share with individuals by specifying each individual, but you have to choose each individual for each folder.
  • When you first enable end to end encryption, a private key is generated and it is protected with a long, 12 word passphrase. Record this passphrase some where safe! If you lose your device, you will need the passphrase to recover the folder. If you do not have the passphrase, we cannot get your data back.
Last modified 4 years ago Last modified on Apr 20, 2018, 9:01:48 AM