Installing Mumla/Plumble (mumble client) for Android

The instructions are for the mumble client for the android (specifically the version in the Google Play store as of 2017-04-06).


First, install the Plumble app (aka app on your phone via the Google Play Store.

The Plumble client no longer appears to be maintained. Please try installing the Mumla app on your phone via the Google Play Store instead. Instructions for Plumble should still apply as it is very similar.

Note: There is some confusion here! There is both a Plumble client and a Plumble client free. Choose the free one.

Generate certificate

Plumble will generate a special key just for you when you start it for the first time.

Enter Server Details

The first time you connect, you will also need to tell it which server to connect to.


  • May First
  • [Your desired username]

NOTE: Leave password blank! You don't need a password.

Connect to the server

Now that you have entered the details, you just need to press it to join.

Mute yourself

Now that you are in, click the microphone icon to mute and un-mute yourself.

Join the Meeting Room

Joining a room is a three step process.

First, select your username. When you do, the top bar will change to say: Current Chat Target

Now, select the room you want to meet to (e.g. Meeting) and the top bar will display: Meeting and it will show an arrow.

Last click the arrow to complete the move.

Turn off text to speech

Mumble has a "feature" that will speak out load anything a user types into the text chat. This is widely considered irritating.

To turn off text to speech:

Click the "hamburger menu" (the three horizontal lines in the top left corner):

Then, select settings:

Then, select general settings:

Lastly, uncheck the Text to Speech option:

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