Monkey Brains Serial Access

This page describes getting remote access to our server in Monkey Brains.

Note: if you are trying to connect to a server in our Telehouse facility, see our Telehouse serial access page; for Web Architects see Web Architects serial access; for Koumbit, see Koumbit serial access.

PTP maintains one server with Monkey Brains in San Fransicso (

It does not have serial console access, instead it uses IPMI for remote access. To secure the IPMI port, there is a small Raspberry Pi ( that can securely proxy web traffic to the IPMI port.

To connect to the remote console, follow these steps:

  • ssh to
  • start nginx to enable proxying: systemctl start nginx
  • go to:
  • password is in key ringer (use upper case letters for login)
  • Click Remote Control -> iKVM/HTML5

You can't directly paste into the console, so here is a simple work around for pasting in passwords.


read -p "Copy password to clipboard then hit any key" && data=$(xclip -o) && printf "Hover mouse over iKVM window and wait 5 seconds.\n" && sleep 5 && xdotool type "$data"
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