Asterisk Phone Server

Asterisk is hosted on

/etc/asterisk is where all the files are located

run asterisk -rvvvvvvv as root to get the asterisk interface

iax.conf lists all the accounts on the server, with usernames and passwords for each account

sip.conf is where info on phones that are allowed to connect to our asterisk server. the folder sip contains individual orgs phone info. is where you log into the voicepulse website. this is where the mayfirst phone account is. mayfirst is the username

due to the frustrating experience with CHAMP, we decided to only accept voicemail asterisk accounts.

users include:



Any Baby Can - voicemail only

Marijuana Anonymous - voicemail only

Debtors Anonymous - voicemail only

WBAI - voicemail only

praxis - josue's number

jamiacaway - lucas and naacho

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