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An MF/PL Palm Card

This wiki page is for shared development of the text on a palm card for May First/People Link. Discussion about the card itself is happening on ticket:610.

First Panel

Freedom of Access

That's a term used a lot these days when people talk about the Internet and it means very different things to different people. People ask us from we mean by Freedom of Access and what we think a progressive approach to it is. Like everything else about the Internet, this is developing every day in discussions all over the Internet but we have some ideas about how to frame those discussions.

First Inside Panel


Complete access to your data: to receive it, produce it, share it, control it and decide what's going to be done with it. Despite what many people think, you don't have this access. For an explanation why, go to (url)

Second Panel


Complete access to use, copy, change, manipulate and share all applications on the Internet and get assistance in doing any of those things. We can make this happen now and we have a responsibility to. For an explanation how, go to (url)

Third Panel


Complete transparency in and available explanations of all processes that dictate and enable our work on the Internet and the right to participate in decisions about those processes. Right now, this is hidden from us. To see how,. go to (url)

Fourth Panel


Complete confidence that those we work with to provide our Internet tools and protocols do so because they are part of our movement sharing a commitment to building a radically better world. To visit the website of one organization that does, go to

Back Panel

May First/People Link is an organization of progressives who use their Internet and who share their resources to . It's one of the world's oldest and largest progressive Internet organizations. As part of our resource sharing, MF/PL members enjoy unlimited web hosting, email and mail lists. (contact information)

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