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Front Panel

Freedom of Access

Discussions about the nature of the Internet often come back to the idea of Freedom of Access, though it means different things to different people. At May First/People Link, we believe that Freedom of Access is at the center of a progressive Internet agenda. Like everything else about the Internet, this discussion is developing every day online. This card covers some parts of the ideas that we think are important. What do you think?

First Inside Panel


You have a right to complete access to your data, and the way it is handled on the Internet. You should be able to decide how and when to produce data, to share it, to export and import it, to control your data and to decide what's going to be done with it. Do you currently have this level of control over the information you need in your work online?

Second Panel


You have a right to complete control over the tools you use. You should be able to use, move, change, manipulate and share the programs you use on the Internet and get assistance when you do. Would you be able to take your database, web mail program or web site framework with you to another provider if you wanted to?

Third Panel


You have a right to complete transparency and accountability in your relationships with your partners on the Internet. This includes the right to explanations of all processes that shape your work, and the right to participate in decisions about those processes. Do you know how and why decisions are made regarding the programs and services you use online?

Fourth Panel


You have a right to be confident that the people who provide your Internet tools and protocols do so because they are your political allies. Does your Internet provider share your commitment to building a radically better world?

Back Panel

May First/People Link is an organization of progressives who use the Internet. We're one of the world's oldest and largest progressive Internet organizations. As part of our resource sharing, MF/PL members enjoy web hosting, email, mail lists, and dozens of other programs running free software.

Engage with the network. Build a just world. May First/People Link

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