Membership Meeting/People Link Discussion


mv: idea of creating a members email list, for us to ask members to join to create a community place to announce events, discuss topics in the community, discuss mayfirst policies
HG: have a large a community how do we make sure it is moderators, concern of capacity
mv: list about events, and about mayfirst things, but if we get to a point that to many posts are happening then I think that is a good thing as it is a sign of member engaging
A: Can it connect with JG idea of identifying sectors and areas of interest, to bring kind of issue to the discussion
HG: JG idea was to segment the membership, to target the interaction. Idea of part of the outreach, to ID specific targeted outreach. A contact list, to have a discussion, each LC member would need to have a work sheet for those discussions, so we can enter this stuff into the DB. We could target the outreach. Outreach and data collection at the same.
mv: likes the idea but concerned with it just being a drive the membership meeting
HG: since we are already going to be doing outreach and good to get some data, but discussion and getting to know is the priority, now that we have a database to update.

Web Redesign

HG: List of things we should have on the webpage
keep a list of ideas
HG: will send a list to the membership team for the ticket that discusses this

People Links Podcast

mv: started with explaining some of the experience of producing the cyberunions podcast, specifically about the structure. He suggests a flexible structure with some consistency of 2 segments, 1 on mayfirst include resources, or something that might be impacting and the 2nd segment to focus on a member and their movement work. The membermovement section would be an interview, which could take place before the actual podcast is recorded.
HG/A: How long should it be?
mv: mentioned the process that cyberunions went through in first focusing on short 15-20 minute piece but realized that shows can get rich in content and on average the show is about 45 minutes. He suggested to keep in flexible but 30-60 minutes is a good frame for one guest interview and maybe a 60-90 minutes for 2 guests, but depends on the content
A: suggest a 30 minute show, but good to be flexible
HG: 30 minute ideal, suggests resources and issues, tech development in the field or focusing on new tools. Invite folks to a training.
A: Answering many questions, common issues people are having.
HG: Take people through the process of things like reseting a password or things with service
HG: thematic discussions as an idea on future shows.
mv: who would be the hosts, would it be the same hosts or rotation, he never had experience with rotation of hosts but likes the idea.
HG: committee of hosts, rotate, a group and hosts and segments.
A: people who volunteer do not have to commit, easer to rotate less pressure and gives a different set of voices for the show
mv: suggest single language podcast one for english and one for spanish
HG: transcript in bilingual, but likes the single language podcast
HG: should we have a script or some sort to bring it back to floss
mv: to maybe introduce resources to the member movement section i.e. mailchimp many people use it, could discuss mailman or civicrm
HG: what do we need to make this happen?

Technology: need a mixer on the call for recording all voices

Hardware: Mixer & Decent mic Software: Audacity

Music Needs: Creative Commons

Need Intro Song 2 Segues Ending music

Hosts: Need to decide to host

HG: Good to shift the order around might lead with member movement or swap with mayfirst section

First show Grainne & Abi to be part of both segments. Good to get a list of like 10 groups that we could talk to about a specific topic.

For the next week to decide on Music elements, then we can work toward practicing the show and getting comfortable to have fun with the show.

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